Over the past year, more gamers who had to fight for them now own next-gen consoles. I was thrilled to find a retail PS5 that wasn’t overpriced, and ever since then, I’ve been living in a home with two PlayStations. But I was disappointed that after creating room for its replacement, my PS4 had to stand by helplessly.

I had already replaced the internal drive of my dependable PS4 with an SSD during the PS5 dry season, and it had served me well for many years. Could I sell it by imitating the standard practice? Of course, but how could I bring it to such disgrace? I knew there were numerous ways it might still get the honor to my house as console emeritus, and it still had enormous worth to me, not only to others. Here’s how you can maximize your own if that sounds familiar.

Transfer It

Relocating your PS4 will be the first step toward the advantages I’ll discuss below if you have other televisions or monitors in the house. I relocated mine to my office, which also houses my gaming system. I know quite a few people who have gaming consoles in their bedrooms so they can play before sleep. (However, it should be noted that screens and sleep do not mix well.) Another choice is the kids’ room, whose tiny occupants might not require a next-gen console’s full capabilities. It can become a portable console for excursions with the family or your solo adventures. You’ll still benefit much from it no matter where you use it.

Enjoy Your PS Plus Perks

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, those advantages apply to your PS account, not just one particular system. This implies that your PS4, even if it’s not your primary console, may connect to the same cloud storage as your primary PS5 and download and stream stuff. A Spider-Man: Miles Morales game to play in your living room? Great! On your PS4, you can pick up where you left off while keeping your saved game.

Create a PS5 Jr.

Sony included a function to the PS4 that allows you to stream directly from the PlayStation 5 when it was released, giving you a second console to access the content on your brand-new, gleaming PS5. You can pair the two consoles by using the Remote Play settings in the system settings. Although I haven’t encountered many problems, it’s not *perfect*—the controls aren’t precise. You won’t have access to all of the features that the PS5 DualSense controller offers because you’ll be using a Sony DualShock 4 controller (or a similar one). But thus far, I’ve been fine other than flute-playing on the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 edition.