Gamers shouldn’t hate Sony – they should hate the gaming blogs

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 Now this is where it stop with the similarities between recent blog posts on gaming websites – I’m not going to go on and say ‘why didn’t Sony have better security’ or ‘Sony are a disgrace’. Sony has done excellent work over the years, has built up their fame with the PlayStation brand, and has a dedicated, strong backing. Now let me explain why you shouldn’t be angry at Sony for this…

Firstly, Hackers hack. That’s what they do. If they had chosen Xbox live, they would have done a similar thing to them. Just because Sony have had their database supposedly stolen and security bypassed does not mean we instantly try to throw lawsuits at them for losing identity, and not protecting identity. Big news – it says so in their terms of service that you are responsible for trusting you with their information and if anything gets lost or goes wrong, they are not legally liable. Every well-known company covers their own backside with privacy policies and what not’s. This is not to say that Sony can sit at home thinking ‘We’ve been hacked, we aren’t liable, let’s reboot the system and get going again!’ Sony aren’t doing just that. At the time of writing, they have been working countless hours since the 19th of April to get PlayStation Network back up and running for Users. They are rebuilding their network, which takes a lot of skill a lot of time and patience. Something that blogs don’t have.

Downfall Of Sony

Oh, this is clever, I like how they put scanned hand over it, to show how the identity has been stolen…Shame this blog in question didn’t spend as much time on the shocking blog post!

We should be giving Sony our support, letting them know that we understand that they may have been hacked and whatever, but as we own their products and have put trust in them, give them the dignity they deserve it trying to resume a FREE service to the public. You might pay PS+ but that’s for content (And at the time of writing, they are scheduled to reveal what they will be getting in compensation in the early hours of Sunday morning). We all knew that without the millions of pounds and subscription fees that the PlayStation Network will take a while before it steadily improves. And it is, with faster servers introduced at the beginning of the year, and a bunch of new features coming at you post-E3.

This post is a mess, scrambled you could say. It is for a reason, as I just can’t get my head around why people are speculating hate for Sony rather than giving them support. So what they have only posted some information, and infrequent at the start? I expect them to be focussing on getting it back up quickly rather than answering questions that they could answer better if they were working on the issue. Good luck Sony, we are all behind you… well some.