The market for mobile games is booming. We have witnessed mobile games set records and generate billions of dollars in revenue over the previous few years.

More and more gamers are using mobile devices to play games. It’s practical, easy, and enjoyable. Additionally, unlike PC or console gaming, it enables gamers to play games wherever they are.

The demographics of mobile gamers have also been evolving and changing. A few years ago, much of what was true about gaming was very different. The market for mobile games is constantly changing.

As a result, if you’re a game creator or advertiser, you must be familiar with the mobile gaming market. That entails staying current with fashion and being well-versed in the mobile gaming industry. The only way to make wise decisions is through it.

You should thus review our 163 mobile gaming statistics for 2022. You’ll discover all the pertinent details regarding the mobile gaming industry, mobile users, monetization, advertising, and the most significant KPIs for mobile games.

Mobile Gaming Practices

  • More than any other type of entertainment, Gen Z and Millennials spend the most time playing games. (Newzoo)
  • 85% of players on mobile do not consider themselves gamers. (Mediakix)
  • Women play mobile games 25% more often than males, and their sessions run 25% longer overall. (MoPub)
  • More than five games are played weekly by 43% of female gamers. (MoPub)
  • More than five times a week, 38% of gamers are men. (MoPub)
  • 90% of smartphone users spend time playing games and using apps. (eMarketer)
  • Gamers engage in two to five mobile game sessions each month on average. (AppAnnie)
  • Every day, users use their mobile devices for three and a half hours, and 11% of that time is spent playing games. (eMarketer)
  • On average, hyper-casual mobile gamers download ten times as many games as regular players. (VentureBeat)
  • Why do users choose to play games on their phones?

The following are the primary motives for playing mobile games:

  • To reduce tension
  • to kill time;
  • to lose themselves in a different person or setting;
  • to experience accomplishment after accomplishing a difficult task;
  • Describe something distinctive about oneself;
  • to establish contact with acquaintances;
  • Be awed by something distinctive;
  • To engage with a topic, they are enthusiastic about outside of gaming.

Statistics on Mobile Gaming: Monetization

  • Every year, the number of user impressions per DAU doubles. (AppAnnie)
  • The most common method of managing ad monetization is presently in-app bidding. By the end of 2020, 70% of organizations had adopted it to replace conventional waterfalls. (AppAnnie)
  • Influencers in mobile games have a 21% greater impact on customers’ purchasing decisions than influencers in other industries. (Newzoo)
  • If they received in-app content in exchange, 74% of mobile gamers in the United States would watch a video advertisement. (eMarketer)
  • According to 82% of mobile players, free games with advertisements appeal more to them than premium games without adverts. (eMarketer)
  • 95% of all user spending is on in-app purchases. (TechCrunch)
  • Players of hyper-casual mobile games watch twice as many advertisements as users of other game genres. (VentureBeat)
  • Compared to males, women are far more likely to make an in-app purchase.
  • In-app purchases are made by 5% of female gamers as opposed to 3.3% of male players. (MoPub).
  • More than 30% of female players on mobile devices will make a purchase.

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